“Kriti Allios” means Crete experienced differently, in a sophisticated, multi-purpose agritourism destination. The setting-up of this venue embodies the vision of tradition, culture and local cuisine intertwined with respect for nature and environmental awareness. Modern and traditional activities are available on-site, including: tasting of authentic local products (olive oil, wine, honey), live watching of the production, packaging and standardization process for fruits and vegetables, strolling through vineyards and olive groves, visits to the traditional Cretan farmhouse (‘’metόchi’’ in Greek), local food and drinks, as well as bread-making and baking in a traditional wood-fired oven. Lovers of authentic, unexplored and genuine tourism may enjoy here all that nature generously offers. Driven by the five senses and through food tasting, they discover textures, flavors, images, sounds and smells.


Visit passes includes a) an entrance fee, b) tasting of local products (wine, extra virgin olive oil and organic extra virgin olive oil) paired with a selection of Greek mezze appetizers and c) a guided tour of the exhibition venue and facility grounds with no time limit. [Greek mezze: graviera cheese, dakos with tomato and feta cheese, olives, tzatziki, Cretan apáki smoked pork, sausage with vinegar, collard green pies, Cretan turban cheese pies, stuffed wine leaves, stuffed squash blossoms with rice and herbs].In the exhibition venue, visitors can watch live the process of production, packaging and standardization of a range of fresh fruit and vegetables (these may vary depending on the time of the year).


On the exterior grounds, visitors can walk through vineyards and olive groves, take a short breath and sip some raki beneath the hanging bundles of grapes. They can stop by our traditional farmhouse ”metochi” and unwind in a genuine Cretan house.

IMG HDRThe facility features a bistro café-restaurant, where you can enjoy some coffee, wine or aperitif, as well as authentic culinary delicacies, while taking in the lush green farmland scenery. A store with selected local products operates on-site should you wish to make a purchase.